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2 Jan

Taste The Feeling

SoShenell’s Coke Mixology


I have loved Coke as long as I can remember! Over the years I have acquired a different mix of Coke. Before Coca Cola came out with vanilla and cherry etc, I was doing my own thing. Check out how I drink Coke. I won’t know if you tried my personal mixes unless you leave a comment, so comment, I have to know what you think!

  1. Coke and Banana flavoring
  2. Coke, Rum and Banana flavoring
  3. Sprite, Mango, Pineapple, and Strawberries (Sonic)
  4. Coke, black or dark cherry with cherry grenadine
  5. Coke with freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice
  6. Coke, mint leaf, cherry grenadine and black cherries
  7. Coke and Pineapple syrup
  8. Coke and Coconut favoring (add Rum flavor)
  9. Coke, vanilla and mint
  10. Coke, vanilla bean ice cream and Rum flavoring topped with praline
  11. Grape Crush and whipped cream
  12. Coke, Tangerine(fresh) and Peach flavoring( liqueur or syrup)


498A7522 (2)

I typically don’t operate out of the cliché of New Years Resolutions or goals. I do think for those who do, it’s a great thing. I simply, prefer to submit to new ideas as they resonate my mental space at the time they introduce themselves. In essence, you can create your own new year at any time within 365 days. Perhaps your new year is in the middle of the year or at the end. Don’t wait on the PERFECT time. Manifest those ideas immediately. The time is NOW! Personally, I’m always working on long-term goals which usually take me into the following year.

Empty Vision

                In 2017, I was working out of limited knowledge regarding the “how to” of building my brand faster and sufficient without having to hire a company, buying followers and likes (this idea makes me throw up), and without being stressed. Peaking back at my no go’s, I felt stagnant and incapable of growing  a brand, I bled, sweat, cried and prayed over.

One of my biggest challenges was fearing what I could not see. Hence, my forth moving lacked the ability to sustain an elevated vision. I digressed consistently. By the end of 2017 I had run out of carnal ideas and how to make them come into fruition. Suddenly I realized I have approached 2018 without a route to help my brand flourish.


                God showed me vision and rendered my promises during some private time we had. Just so happen he revealed himself to me right before Christmas. Therefore, I had no other choice, but to see 2018 blindly (Yes totally oxymoronic). The promise stated this was my year. I promised I would be in high expectation.



2018 Goals

  • I will be led by what my heart can see and not my eyes. (Trust God)
  • Trust that the title of my last look book prophesied my future. The Paradigm Shift-Curve (click link to view look book)
  • Don’t look at the clock, it’s the wrong time. (Rushing the process, kills the dream)
  • Educate myself on my brand more than ever. (Be the student)
  • Be obedient to the voice of God regarding who, where, and when. (He already has them posted)
  • Keep doing what I do (I got the juice and it’s only gonna get juicer). The gift: (I’m a natural); fashion, content curating, creative director and wisdom.
  • Celebrate failures like I celebrate successes. They are equally beneficial to growth. (Worrying about whats not happening delays what will happen)
  • My steps and decision are optional to the success of my brand. God’s steps and decisions are guaranteed to the success of my brand. (He can see much farther than what I can see)
  • Watch my 365 days be fulfilled. (His promise will not return unto him void)



The Look

I really wanted to have fun with my  New Years outfit. During the Christmas holiday, I look forward to watching the Coca- Cola ads and commercials. They are so refreshing and festive! When you think Coke, you think the beginning of time-vintage. Being a woman who sips on a classic taste myself, indubitably, Coke would be the inspiration behind the vision-duhhh. Besides, I have been dying to put Coke cans in my hair! I just hope I helped you, “Taste the Feeling” of New Years. Cheers to a great year!!



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So Shenell

SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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