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4 May

Rhythm In The Mix

It’s that moment you’re strolling on Instagram and see an item YOU GOTTA HAVE! You have no earthly idea exactly what you’re gonna do with it but whatever it is, it needs to be epic. Do you feel me right now?

Girl, these slacks are it! When I got home, I laid them out on my bed for 4 or 5 days. I typically do this to allow myself to see what the garment-any garment, is asking me to do with it. “What you want to do with a particular garment never trumps what the garment calls for”. Although, I had not yet known what other garments would accompany such an in-your-face type of pattern, by day 3, at minimum, I knew this garment called for fun, funky, eased, yet chic.

What you want to do with a particular garment never trumps what the garment calls for” -Shenell

By day four things got crazy. I know most would say, “Please don’t give us another pattern on top of a practically 3D, animated, air balloon pants!” Ahh, I know how you feel, but I had to do it, Sis! These pants required a retro uplift to make them even more fun. In my blog post How to Print Mix Like A Pro, I teach pattern mixing with the analogy of sound. The pants are a loud sound, and most black and white prints-hence my blouse, are medium sounds. In this case you have dominant and recessive notes that are harmonizing. When this happens, you have a mixing rhythm that makes you dance and move to the fast beat. I was strutting to my beat in satin royal blue Giuseppe’s (My pants are covering them).

Everybody knows, when you’ve been partying hard to great sounds, the DJ MUST calm the crowd with a cool slow jam. That’s what this baby blue trench offered, a slowdown. She brings all her chic vibes to the dance floor with ease. She’s the reason you fell in love with real music again, she’s the reason you’re intoxicated by the sound of “Rhythm in The Mix.”

Style Deets: Top: Neck Tie Blouse Belt: Wide Padded Buckle Belt Pant: Abstract Palazzo Pant Jacket: The Elle Trench

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So Shenell

SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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