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5 May

Big Boobs, Beautiful Bras

Ladies! It’s an absolute pleasure to have you visit my blog. There are tons for us to discuss regarding these big breast that proceed us fashionably and sexually. Before we start digging into the cups of our chi chi’s, I must share, this is my first discussion blog post. I was reluctant to publish this post because this is the first of many discussions that expose my personality and opinions to the world. Considering, I can be a strong character at times, this determines how I prepare myself for both positive and negative feedback. I am proud to say preparation is complete lol. I’m often told, I say what others or most are thinking. During the last couple of years I’ve accepted this as a responsibility versus ignoring the fact that I am that person- it comes natural anyway haha. No matter what size I’ve been, I’ve always been a poised voice of wisdom, class, realness and passion. Now that I’m a Curvy Fashion Blogger, I’ve extended my voice to our community and I’m excited about the adventure and support.

My Story…Big Boobs Beautiful Bras

I know you’re excited to hear about where I purchase my bras to decorate these melons you see in all of my blog postings, but first hunty (yes I said hunty) we have to discuss my struggles with having big boobs. Trust me when I say this, you are not alone (que music). Having large boobs was a rude awakening for me. It was devastating to my outer appearance, emotions, and reality. Once I started busting out of my blouses, it was then that I realized I am and was a plus size girl. My body had literally grown from a 8-10 to a 16-18, and I swear overnight. My boobs had grown from a 36-38C cup to a 42F.

Oh my Lord! My thoughts were what am I gonna do with tatas this big? Aside from worrying about my breast suffocating me in my sleep, I was concerned about the great deal of pain I was enduring physically and emotionally. Due to weight, my husband at the time was my emotional attack and my bra was the physical attack. To this day, I have bruises on the sides of my breast and my shoulders. My bras stabbed, pinched, and rubbed my skin raw, the struggle was real. Now I’m fat with stretch marks and bruises! I felt ultimately unattractive, it was complete misery. At this point what do I do now? Where do I go for help?

My Search.. Big Boobs Beautiful Bras

My search to save my breast, was as much of a disaster as having big boobs were. Macy’s was out of the question, Lane Bryant could only offer me pre molded bras, which defeats the purpose of minimization and finally Dillard’s. Dillard’s was a complete failure all together. I basically had my first break down. I am sitting in my dressing room topless and braless( tits just sittng on my knees) crying without a shame in the world. I honestly did not care who heard me, because at that point no one knew this battle, like I knew this battle. This was the first time I felt the realness of weight or size discrimination. My eyes were filled with tears to the point everything was blurry in my vision, including my ability to ever look amazing again. I’ve always been a stylish and well dressed person but my breast has brought this to an end. I’m a believer, that a woman’s undergarments can make or break her wardrobe. Here I am breast dragging the ground, or dealing with double cleavage. Needless to say, I walked away knowing Lane Bryant was my only option. I’d rather deal with built in molding that made me look extra boobbally( one of my terms)  vs having sagging titties. On my way out of the mall, I ran into a very luxury like boutique. I was attracted to how the ladies were seemingly very prim and proper and really friendly. I noticed the lingerie from wall to wall. Guys they had every material; lace, silk, sheers and beautiful patterns. I was impressed to say the least, but I knew better to ask for my size. Then I realized I had nothing to loose. Either I walk away never knowing or I speak my demands and that I did. “Yes do you have a size 38-42F no padding and very sexy.” Her answer was, “Absolutely we go to a size K.”Ahhh, I immediately had an animated experience, my bra hooks gave and my titties hit the ground, like hot larva from a volcanic eruption- as if they knew there was a God. These girls were in complete relief from being squeezed to death. From that day to this one, I have sworn by this store. This store ended my depression and gave me back my confidence and sex appeal.

My Answers Your Questions… Big Boobs Beautiful Bras

I know you guys are excited for me to unveil the name of my bra store, just wait wait wait hold your boobies, its almost time to unveil the name of my bra store, but before I do I must address every big boob concern a woman can imagine having. These questions are from you guys. I am most gracious that many of you opened up to me regarding some personal and even embarrassing concerns. As you can see, (que music, “you are not alone”) every question answered is without judgement and most importantly with resolve. Let’s begin….

Why do I get dark or red marks on my shoulders?

This can be for a few reason.

(1) Your bra is probably too small. When the bra is too small to hold your large breast, the breast weighs down on the bra cup, causing them to solely depend on the straps. As the strap are holding for dear life to hold your breast up, the straps begin to dig into the skin. This usually causes your bra band to ride up your back. suddenly straps create friction with the skin causing burning, itching, and bruising.

(2) Your bras may have lost elasticity. Bras that have lost elasticity have a tendency to move around creating friction against skin.

(3) Your bra material may be of low quality. You should never shop for bras based on how cheap the bras are. this concept is not better or convenient. To invest in your bras is to invest in yourself. QUALITY is everthing and it doesnt have to break the strap on your purse to get it. This is care for your breast and spine/back.

Is underwire necessary?

In my personal opinion underwire is perfect for all breast sizes especially larger breast. Underwire gives our boobies the ultimate support, lift, and separation. A few women are sensitive to underwire, its uncomfortable for them. Most women are fine with underwire, I happen to be one of them. Underwire supports the back/spine and breast equally. When boobs are erect so is the spine. This means the breasts are pulling less on the spine and back. Underwire lifts, when breast are lifted, it creates a cleaner and leaner silhouette. Breast that have a great lift typically have less strain on the shoulders. Underwire also helps separate, allowing the breast to breathe and sit properly on their individual sides of town. Speaking of breathing, this leads me to my next question.

Why do my breast stink or have Body Odor?

This is an amazing and brave question. Don’t believe me if you want, but this is a common problem especially amongst those of us who are top heavy (If anyone tells you any different they are lying). For the record, if you are someone who has rolls and creases on your body, an odor of some sort will eventually become nasal present. Even babies are known to be sour sometimes, usually underneath their neck rolls and their toes.

What has happened when there is skin to skin friction in areas that are not exposed, warmth rises and sweat surfaces?

Here is Shenell’s sour boob formula skin+friction+temperature+sweat=Smell!!!!! In some cases this formula subjects some women to rashes and skin complications. Stinky boobs are particularly common to the plus size community but definitely not limited to. Yes, skinny to medium frame women have this issue as well. Don’t let them fool ya! The key factor to this concern is “Big Breast”. Understand if your cha chas are huge, the stinky boob plague proposed a threat to your chest. By no means does this mean you are a nasty, dirty, stinky person, because you’re not. What it does mean is, you’re a candidate who will be happy to read my resolve to help you have better smelling breast while your big boobs are sitting in beautiful bras.

What are ways to resolve boob odor?

This is a custom thing and depends on the person.

(1) I suggest, taking a cool to cold shower during warm weather. Cool to cold water helps with the body’s temperature. I seemingly don’t sweat as bad immediately after a cold shower during the Summer and Spring seasons. Most people never pay much attention to how fast the body perspires while drying off after a hot or warm shower. Cool/cold water really works for me. In addition, showering in cool water extends the amount of time I’m fresh in all my crevices and hidden areas.

(2) Dry the girls off well especially underneath. Damp areas of the body can smell a lot faster after skin rubs together and sweat surfaces. After following these concepts you may consider any of these products that aid in keeping your breast fresh.

(3) Baking soda, keeps down moisture

(4) Gel deodorants- a small to medium amount will be plenty. Be aware that some people argue that deodorant causes breast cancer. If at all possible try an organic deodorant. I advise a gel because it doesn’t leave a white stain on the bra (personal preference). I spoke with a doctor and he said surely anything used under the arm is fine for the breast. He did not discriminate against the formula whether it be organic or non organic.

(5) Summer’s Eve powder- I’ve tried baby powder and it stings a pinch. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s the harsh perfumes, the moisture and the open pores aren’t agreeing. Summer’s Eve has worked especially if you don’t mind the white ring under the boobs or on the bra.

(6) The last item I will be personally trying, is the boobalicious product. This can be purchased on etsy.com, it is a homemade breast deodorant, its handmade, organic, and consists of several awesome fragrances. I’ve heard amazing things about this product. If you purchase tell them Shenell Dujour sent you.

Everything mentioned above is perfect for any area that holds moisture from fat rolls to boobs.

My Healthy Breast… Big Boobs Beautiful Bras

To every woman whether you have big boobs, gigantic boobs, small boobs, or puny boobs get your regular Mammogram check . Those of you who are heavy chested, if you are experiencing back pains or spinal issues, consult with your doctor to ensure that a breast reduction is not necessary. Our boobs are precious to us, take care of them.

Now where do I get my bras from…… (drum roll please)…… Intimacy! www.MyIntimacy.com. Please do not confuse with Soma Intimacy.

The perks: Aside from everything I mentioned about this bra in the “My Story” portion of this post there are other perks I totally respect.

(A) They size to a European size 46K

(B) European cuts have large and fuller cup measurements.

(C) Alterations are granted and honored within 6 months of purchasing bras.

(D) Alterations include shortening straps and resizing ban down to 2 sizes depending on the cup.

(E) Ladies, WHEN you decide to give Intimacy a try, tell them how you learned about their store.

My Breast In the Future… Big Boobs Beautiful Bras

I’m always on a journey for more bra options and companies for the sake of diversity in my undergarments with equal quality and beauty as Intimacy. I’m excited to venture out to: @Curvykate on Instagram; www.curvykate.com and @ewamichalak_official_lingerie on Instagram; www.eva-michalak.pl she specializes in bra sizes beyond a K cup! You must go and check them out be sure to tell them Shenell Dujour sent you


So Shenell

SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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