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1 Feb

Vintage Gucci In Faux

Whaaaaattttt, GIRL, THIS LEWK! There are certain looks which I find myself very proud of, this is one. I had fun watching each piece come together so fluidly! I was talking to insta-bestie, Summar about how we need to layout a dope faux fur look. I knew I wanted it to be vintage and glass shattering. As I’m styling myself, I discover this is definitely giving Gucci vibes, hence the title. The rest was history.

The details came together like Jesus himself were curating this for me. I swear, some of it wasn’t intentional on my part. Never-the-less, a marriage was emerging with this wardrobing. Let’s start with the jewelry. Girl, I am wearing an episode of animal planet. The snake earrings, a bumblebee necktie, and I brought a cheetah and frog ring (it didn’t make the cut because I left them in the car) but you get the point and hopefully, you see how far I was going with this look. Speaking of snakes and other reptiles, I wore a pair of raised snake-skinned sandals. Now, what’s killer is, my snakeskin earrings, shoes, and necktie has the same clear jewel stone. The shoes are a hue of pastel colors that has EXACTLY two colors that are present in my necktie! Once I recognized what was going on, I got geeked at that point!

I conducted a poll on my Instagram stories and asked my followers if they thought I would slay my look.
The results were 92% voted issa lewk while
8% voted issa fluke. What do you say?

My struggle was finding a blouse that spoke to a specific narration. Finally, I found this beautiful sheer blouse. Zoom in on the details, girl. The print is comprised of purple and green infinity vines, with ballerinas gracefully placed. Then there are mesmerizing streaks of metallic and gold sparkly rays that seem to birth a galaxy phenomenon. Ballerinas are dancing in the celestial all over the place. This top is not to be slept on. It is 100 times prettier in person.

Let’s not even talk about these Gucci socks-which I did not want to buy. OMG, I can barely type because I becoming anxious to tell you this part! After getting the socks, my sister said, “Shenell, how in the world did you manage to buy socks with the same metallic gold streaks as your blouse?” I screamed!!! There it was laying on the couch looking like mama and daughter. Those ballerinas stole their mama’s face, Gucci.

I opted for an up-do for a hint of Janelle Monae’s class and I was out!

Some may ask where would I be headed dressed like this? You wouldn’t ask such a question if you were truly a distinct person. You would go where ever your personality can handle this ensemble! I beg you, just don’t let it wear you!

Get all your style deets here!!

So Shenell

SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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