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4 Dec

Modern Romanticism

"When you're fluid & solid at the same dang time! Scientifically; My matter changes with the environment Divinely; I'm indestructible!" -Shenell   Girl! I know I’m always claiming a look is by far by fave, but this time I’m for real! I finally styled my Fia Factory top as my heart desired. It’s a beautiful seasonal piece and full of character, so I wanted to fashionably take it to a place that was most fitting.  After contemplating, I knew it needed layering to accomplish a chic and even foreign appeal, besides I did purchase it from Lagos, Nigeria honey. Most recently, I wore this look to a birthday party exactly as I had imagined it. From the time I walked in, to the time I left,...
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15 Sep

Class Act

To take a picture is one thing, but when your pictures tell a story, its whole different concept. Well I hope these pictures tell my love for the 1940s-1960s era. That era was prim and proper, lady like, sexy, and fun. Those adjectives are exactly what I saw in the asymmetrical Rachel Roy dress. Once again Rachel spoils us with details. Short in the back, long angled front, with a point aimed to fashionably kill. The print is stark and mysterious with such warm tones, perfect for Fall. This cutie is all about flexibility. I love when a dress gives you dress up or down options. Speaking of flexibility the fit is so relaxed and easy. The jersey cotton material...
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