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29 Apr

5th Blogiversary

Wow 5 years and a sweet one it’s been. I’ve learned so much in this blogosphere, some sweet and some bitter. I just smile at how I’ve grown in my way of thinking as blogger. Let’s go down memory lane. I remember when I became a blogger I took hours gathering boggers who I respected greatly and enjoyed either their sense of fashion or how they appeared to be so boss via social media. I gathered emails to introduce myself. The intro went something like this.


“Hello, my name is Shenell, I am the founder of plus fashion blog Shenell Dujour (my blog name at the time). I believe plus women should claim plus authority and one of the ways I display plus authority is through amazing fashion. I share this world of confidence with you and I love what you’re doing. Check out my blog and IG feel free to follow back. Nice to meet you.”


Until this day 95 %  of the bloggers I contacted are not supporters of my brand. As a matter of fact, there are two bloggers who have blocked me and I have no idea why. Most recently I’ve had bloggers whom we’ve followed each other for years, unfollow me. I don’t tell you this because I’m hurt or care( not cut from the sensitive fabric), I tell you this because I’ve learned so much and the experiences I’ve shared is 90% of why bloggers are segregated/cliquish. It didn’t take me long to learn that plus blogging was far from a community of plus women who found power in numbers. I thought I was becoming part of a movement that would force straight line brands to take us seriously by bringing a halt to size discrimination. When I stepped on the scene I thought if you had the juice that’s all you needed. As a matter of fact, it was quite the contrary. Like every other community, this community is more about popularity and keeping the circle tight. It’s about who has the most followers and likes, it’s about reinventing oneself and digging a hole to bury the unpopular girl from elementary and high school( who she use to be) just to jump on social media and pretend, ” THAT” person never existed and “THIS” person been this fabulous since day one, therefore everyone else is not good enough. All I can say is, to each its own but miss me with all that. It’s this simple, with that mentality, they’re still that same unpopular grammar school or high school person deep down inside. As a community, we still have quite a ways to go, collectively. We can not yet afford to shun each other. With that being said, I slay and keep my eyes on the runway that’s in front of me. This is not to say I’m not interested in the girl who does not wear “I’m famous on IG ” across her forehead, the woman who says you got it going on what’s your real name or even the woman who says you got the juice, let’s collaborate. It’s just I’ve learned those women are far and few between and when you meet them, you have to honor them.


The women I am about to present to you are simply that woman. They are all fabulous in their own right and have supported me through repost or events. These women define real plus blogging, are self-made brand builders, and still manage to embrace the idea that there’s room for others.(In no particular order) I introduce the ideal tribe. The pictures I’ve attached, their outfits are my fave!



From Rez to the City

You are absolutely solid, a real one. You were the first to repost me and I sincerely thank you for that. I hope I’ve done those you’ve shared with me a great deal of fashionable pleasure. Your vintage style with a hint of edge is your signature, you’ve owned it. This outfit is my favorite of you because you rocked those patterns and with that hint of green, it’s pretty darn electric. May the Lord continue to anoint you and your family.



A Thick Girls Closet

We both rocked the metallic jumpsuit from Ashley Stewart, didn’t we? WE DID Lol.  You looked so good, you were the perfect twin.  I looked at your page a few weeks ago and felt the energy of hard work, thank you for your diligence. You seem to be a kind and willing spirit. Keep towering over the world and pressing through, I see you. I picked this outfit as my fave because you own this look. You’ve captivated the visual of a modern Nubian queen. You’ve stapled “pretty in pink”, you look so gorgeous and most importantly you’re a joy to follow.



Ready to Stare

Girl, you are a joy! I thank you for being a genuine soul. Your page says “living my best life” like no other. You deserve every piece of the golden life. Your blog is so inclusive and none judgemental, that’s why I love it. Aside from that, if the world ever needs a “plenty of skin” fix, you got them covered lol. Keep your freedom, let no one shackle your beautiful heart. I love this outfit because it’s simply a baddie look. I mean ruffles and leather, yes ma’am, the shoes are just perfect for an even sexier strut.



Chante Burkett

You are felt with the heart. I love your transparency, your struggle and your come up is real. You go in like a beast and come out like a boss every time, I appreciate your hustle. I thank you for reposting me, it was the biggest pleasure and surprise, being the mogul you are. I see your light and growth, I pray God’s hand continue to bless you in areas you never imagined. You are the dopest! I love this outfit on you because it’s easy, with sexy cruise atmosphere. It’s grown and breezy, there’s an essence to it.



Pretty Plus Prep

You posted one of my holiday looks, I’m glad you liked it. I love your sense of style because it’s simple, comfortable, and sassy. You dress your curves well and keep your looks effortless. Thank you for being you and rocking the ease of style. I picked this look as my fave because green is your color, the look is jet setting, free-spirited and refreshing.




Charde my Haitian dream. Girl you have a personality out of this world, just simply friendly. You wear the heck out of an empire waist dress and a pencil skirt, you always look amazing in those garments, with the smile to go with it. I remember when we shared the world of the blue tutu skirt and have been IG connected every since. One thing I can attest to, you’re a baddie whether you’re larger Chard or smaller Chard. I love this look because it’s simply diva, an eye catcher, so frenchie.


You are #noprisonerofyourbody so walk the runway fiercely and fearlessly. XO

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SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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    Happy Blogiversary, man! I can t believe you ve been doing this for five years. I m pretty sure that makes you a veteran of this entire blogging scene. I just have to thank you for managing to deliver consistent and quality content, to the point where any time I watch a movie I go check and see if you ve written a review on it so I know what I m getting into. Your content is diverse, always interesting, and has led me to a cornucopia of great films. Keep up the great work and I hope to be reading your content for the next five years as well.

    May 10, 2019 at 4:34 am Reply

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