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25 Jan

Caramel Latte-Double Shot

Do you see this look RIGHT HERE?! When my insta-bestie, Summar suggested we do a cream and chocolate ensemble, I honestly didn’t expect the wardrobing to present so distinct and polished. The styling is blazing with boss vibes and richness. If no other fit I’ve worn suggests lifestyle, this look undoubtedly does! How did I execute such an elevated outfit?

For starters, I really wanted the outfit to deliver more cream-latte than coffee or mocha, because cream, winter white, and beige are just so gorgeous during the winter season. I think the last time I actually embarked on a look like this was two or three years ago. That said, with my second attempt to go winter white, I did not own any cream other than a cream sweater, which is pictured. Before I completely settled on the sweater, I purchased this super cute wrap skirt. The color was fantastic. It’s a beautiful color of roasted caramel. Cream, white, or beige whips superbly with caramel-more so, than variations of dark chocolates-just my opinion! It seems to create a golden warmth and curates a type of coziness.

After pairing the sweater and skirt, I ran to the computer to buy this trench. I actually got my latte dominating look! Once I slid on these skin-toned stocking, Fendi socks, and sheer Steve Maddens, Girl, it turned this whole fit into a beast to be reckoned with. 

Click @summar link below, she’s gonna tell you all about the inspiration behind her look. You definitely don’t want, don’t need, and simple cant miss out on her blog post!

Insta-bestie @sincerelysummar

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