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7 Jul

Wear Time Well-Jord

So about this Jord watch. Jord, you and I have history. Last year I was looking for a gift, something masculine,  unique, and unforgettable for a special some. Suddenly, I came across Jord watches-and it was wood! I tell you, I was all chimed in. This was exactly what I had in mind. Before I go into his (special someone) reaction I have to acknowledge the amazing customer service. I feel a company that goes out its way to please a customer, makes them human & being human is being relatable. Such a connect equals a forever customer in my book.

Here’s what happened: I ordered the watch via the website through the chat option with a specialist 5 days before Christmas. During this time I had to meet Jord’s purchase deadline in order for the watch to arrive before Christmas- At this point arrival is scheduled for the day before Christmas Eve. After checkout, I received a confirmation stating my gift would arrive in three days. 24 hours later after Jord’s deadline for next day shipping, my account reflects a credit for the purchase I had just made almost 3 days prior. In essence my money was refunded. I was freaking out, I was crying like a starving newborn. I was devastated, I could not believe I missed my only opportunity to purchase the gift for Christmas. Then I heard a calm voice. “Child raise thou head and cleanse thou face.” I said  lord is that you?  he replied, “Yep.” I was directed to contact Jord and a saint would answer. I contacted Jord in a frenzy! Once I got to the chat room, the rep said, “Hi, I’m Nicholas, how can I help?” Lawd you said a saint would answer. After explaining my dilemma, I was hopeful and Nicholas was nothing shy of a saint. Nicholas reassured me he’d do everything in his power to help me and not to worry. He contacted me from his personal phone because I was low on battery and chatting was taking too long. We spoke about where I was vacationing for Christmas and sending the watch there instead ( since I would be traveling when it arrived to my home) would be wise. Welp, Nicholas got the watch to me and before Christmas! Customer service with Jord was at an all-time high. I knew I would purchase from them again because of that experience.

Now, I purchased this watch for a pretty difficult man. He too has a heart for fashion and loves a unique time piece-although he has this awkward love for sunglasses from the gas station-that’s another story. Anywho, I bought him the Ebony & Ultramarine watch. This man was in love. There is something sexy about a man when he expresses emotion on his face, when something is heart felt to him. He gave me this kid-like yet calm-cool facial expression with a hint of a side smirk, I just love. This year a mistletoe wasn’t necessary, just a Jord watch.

 Fast forwarding to summer 2017, I was ready for my own wood watch and it was time to start my Jord search. Then suddenly I received an email from Jord for an opportunity to collaborate with the brand. I practically jumped out of my pumps. Absolutely, I will collaborate with you guys! Now ladies, often times we relate wood to masculinity, but I have enjoyed my watch to the upmost. This watch is actually very feminine, soft, and light weight. The round face curtsey to a red bottom and tutu skirt. There’s something about a watch you can dress up or dress down. So flexibility in your jewelry is everything. Like no other piece of jewelry, a watch is always indicative of your character and your worth at that time (no pun intended).


Shop the links below to view Jord’s array of watches for men and women. Don’t forget to enter the contest for a chance to win a $100 gift code from Jord. Just for entering everyone is eligible to receive a $25 gift code.

Click the link below to enter, contest ends 7/9/2017 at 11:59 pm!



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