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26 Aug

Bud Billiken Style

Exactly two weeks ago today, August 12th I made history along with Chance the Rapper as the first plus size blogger in the worlds largest African American parade, The Bud Billiken parade. The parade focuses on the development of CPS for inner city children by giving back to the African American community. This years parade theme paid homage to Hometown Heroes. Now before entering I wasn’t familiar with the theme, but how befitting I thought. For the past 11 years I’ve dedicated my life to saving others mental, emotional, physical, trendy, and fashionable well being. Every time I’ve influenced growth in someone by simply being me- a transparent display of what a real plus size woman looks, sounds, and behaves like, I know I’m rightfully activating in my purpose. This is why many have deemed SoShenell as their hero and I thank them.



“Triple lock wide high waist belt perfect for holding that waist slim”


Style Links:

Denimu Kimono by Mah-Jing Wong

Pigalle by Christian Louboutin

Michael Kors Michelle Loafers


Now about this dress, if you’re going to armor up with denim, make it killer. I’m sure these were the exact thoughts of Mah-Jing Wong of Project Runway season 15 when he designed this custom Denimu Kimono for Jasmine Sullivan, I just had to have! For the parade I knew I had to wear something edgy, to rep the Chicago in me- something memorable to rep the blogger in me- and something trendy to rep the SoShenell in me, and this was it! Lets take into consideration this kimono is not a shape hugger, but with the help of this matching triple lock wide high waist belt it promises a very clean fit. If you know me you know I’m a stickler for details, a kimono with details… yeah right, but its true. The distress style is pin pointed in sparse areas of this dress giving it that “extra” without being too much and overwhelming. This dress is easily a 2017 classic that will never go out of date. This piece had a girl fashionably sick and who dare try to treat this illness? I love that the kimono dress is so unique and decorated it permitted minimal accessories, besides who’s going to notice them anyway while wearing such a, “in yo face” garment? Exactly. Now topped with these bloody shoes, you can’t mess with me if you wanted to. I didn’t say it Cardi B said it. You are #noprisonerofyourbody so walk the runway fiercely and fearlessly. See you next runway!


IMG_9329[1926] IMG_9309[1922]

“I got two cars; my main and my side”. For all of your car needs contact Kevin Ross at South Oak Dodge, you rock #spon


Thanks to Digital Worxx in Beverly for all of my printing needs. We love you!


So Shenell

SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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