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30 Oct

Crown of Thorns

Amongst the list of things that warms my heart, I get to share two with you, wrapped in a combo. The Son of God is one and a black artisan is the other. Let’s cut to the chase. The star of my whole outfit is this dynamic hat! When I first placed eyes on it, I knew there was no way all this glory was going to pass me up. All I can remember is, purse, wallet, debit card, and order complete! In that order. As an artist myself, I indulge in the craft of others. “The key to a great artisan is his or her ability to create a masterpiece that tells a story without a narrator”- Shenell. In essence, it needs not one soul to tell its story because it stands alone.

About the Designer:

Tamara N’namdi is a black designer based out of Harlem New York. She is also Founder and Creative Director of luxury hat brand N’Namdi (in-nahm-dee), which means, “My God is Alive”. Her designs are risen from the depths of her faith as a believer in Christ. She has redefined the meaning of “Not made by man’s hands.” Her hats are not just handmade but divinely appointed. Saints, you catch my drift…I hope.

The Messiah:

The Thorns, need we say more?! The hat is 100% rabbit fur felt, with a hand made natural grapevine crown with thorns. At this point Tamara has completely excavated ribbons, feather and pins; I’m just saying, who needs basic. The hat is beautifully lined with a custom-made Ankara African print fabric. The attitude of the hat rest so eloquently in the slight turn up of the brim. Then she had the audacity to get real slick with the asymmetrical slope of the crown. Duke Ellington would place this on the litmus scale as the meta-level of hats.

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How Shenell Styled it!

Don’t talk to me, talk to the hat! This hat is all about character and conversation. I quickly learned my place and that is to help it travel. If this is the Messiah then call me the armor bearer. My only mission was to allow the hat to keep its glory. There was no need to force it to compete. A pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans and an oversized grandpa blazer were the only rags necessary. Of course, we had to keep it lux and lust, so Gucci came along with. In the most subtle way, I aimed for a monochromatic color scheme. This hat displays a mustard-olive like shade. To keep the fashion notes slightly lifted, I incorporated a few more shades of green; pastel sage, emerald, and hunter green. A Pastor once told me, “Fashion is a ministry.” All I have to say is, this hat has fulfilled its calling!

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So Shenell

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