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23 Oct

Slippin Back In

Yes, I am totally blowing the dust off this blog, lol! Girl, I’ve missed you. I thank you for sticking around in my absence. Your loyalty is real and most appreciated. With all that has happened in the world you are still connecting. That’s not easy to do. So many people isolate in times like these. As a believer, I know God is gracious despite the horrific challenges 2020 has offered us. I think this year has shown our resilience and ability to press through as individuals and collectively. We are stronger than we think. So many of you dm’d me just to check on my well-being. Having a tribe like you reminds me that we are in this together, right? I love you much for being a part of mine. Please know, with all sincerity, I have prayed for your continued upward bound momentum toward faith, good health, and success. Smooches: )

Now, before I get started on this this outfit, I have a small disclaimer: There were no fans involved in the shooting of this look. Honey, that wind was flirting and that leg was there for it!! This is nature doing its best work! Slip dresses are so in right now. More and more they are making a debut into all seasons. Right, you no longer have to store what was once a spring and summer fling outfit. Slip dresses are becoming way more fashionably fluid in this day in age. They have transitioned from the 40’s and 50’s black, beige, and white hidden nylon secrets to outward, roaring, sexy, printed, silk and polyester statement pieces of our time. The transition is well deserved. I dare to say, slip dresses are amongst the most extreme fashion shifts-second to jeans. Think about it. They were once a part of a woman’s most modest undergarment. Now, they are being worn with sandals and pumps in spring and summer seasons. During the fall and winter seasons they are paired with boots, oversized blazers, fitted turtlenecks, and I dare not mention GYMSHOES! Its crazy! Funny thought, what would the usher in the Baptist church or the nuns in Catholic church say about slips? Your usher and nun would NEVA!

I’ve paired my slip dress with a sheer bodysuit, white biker jacket, and patent leather boots. The bodysuit begins the layered esthetic. However, make no mistake, the point of it being sheer is to ensure layered sex appeal. Pairing sheer and lace ANYTHING to your fall and winter layered looks will always evade the concept of the item JUST being a layered component. Honestly, I could have gone with several other colors for the jacket but white makes for a pop of color (although white) to the dominant bronze-golden feline print. The two combined marries a rather chic and clean look. Thoughts? Ok, it’s not often I wear patented leather but this year I jumped in for the kill. Texture is so very important as it relates to visual esthetics. These shiny divas of a booty render a sleek airiness and edge to the look, (which I would not get with a leather of faux leather calf or thigh high boot). If I must, the booties are serving some extra feistiness to this feline. I topped my look with a fringe Rebecca Minkoff purse-another bad girl statement and a pink lip, (Candy Yum Yum) by MAC. My Prada shades are always giving “don’t talk to me vibes,” which is fitting for the new 6ft rule!

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So Shenell

SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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  • Ife Ramirez

    Welcome back Fashionista⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Thank you for showing us how to take simplicity to extraordinary.

    October 25, 2020 at 12:44 pm Reply

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