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6 Nov

Classic Grandeur

Look girl, did you know polka dots pranced itself into the fashion world during the late Victorian era? Then in the 1920s it strutted itself into the fashion scene, making a loud fuss. Not to toot my own horn (uh-oh did you hear that lol), but I’d swear I was the creator of the pattern. These polka dots are hitting me like a second skin, sweetie. I love my co-ord set from Halogen. Classic attire promises to satisfy a cinched but curved silhouette. In essence, empire waist dresses, waist length tops, and pencil or swing skirts, in particular, were a style structure that was meant to do what girdles did in the 16 to late 1800s- and even in today’s age.

I adore knits and sweater material; this was a must. As you know, I am a sucker for the grandeur of classic pieces. A pencil skirt and semi-cropped sweater top, never fails to time capsule me into some of my favorite movies like, The Notebook, Grease, A Bronx Tale, and Hidden Figures. Of course, I’d be the best dressed, don’t play!

Styles like this are so feminine, modest, flirty and uppity. Where this style goes is limitless: church, brunch, or the office, it vows to be the most lady-like. No matter where you go, it will always showcase the body, attitude and charm of a real woman.

Get all of your style deets here! (Shop-able link to my set and

Image médicale pour illustrer un article sur la santé
Texte additionnel sur le thème de la médecine
similar by Halogen) Versace Virtus Bag (pink sold out, but I’ve linked the black one)

Similar set: Knit Sweater (Both are available up to XXL) Knit Skirt

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