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24 Apr


Regal, a whole mood. Yeah, I’m definitely feeling my richest. If I’m not mistaken this is the first two-piece suit I’ve ever worn on my blog. I must say, I love it. ASOS did a great job with this bowtie print burnt orange suit. One thing I found necessary was to continue to up the feminine tone the suit displays. Let me tell you what’s crazy. When I paired the bow tie suit with the bow tie blouse, it wasn’t until after this shoot, I realized I was “coordinating” in my John Witherspoon voice.

I guess I can say  I’m really tying the knot on bows in this look. Together the look announced its luxurious colonial appearance. It honestly just kinda happened. But, what adds a regal touch to this whole ensemble is my silk oversized scarf.


Did you know I am a devout scarf collector? True story, I saw Black Panther last year, T’Challa wore a clean black suit with a ridiculously handsome scarf draping his shoulder. My immediate thought was, “I need that scarf!” Fast forward the following year, my friends showed me this designer- due to my love for scarves and guess what? It was the exact designer who made T’Challa’s scarf in Black Panther. I introduce to you, Ikire Jones. This is definitely how a woman should boss up headed to her conference or even enjoying an awesome Sunday morning service. You are #noprisonerofyourbody walk the runway fiercely and fearlessly. See you next runway! xo


Ikire Jones Annunciation Scarf 

(Scarf can be purchased by clicking the link above)

 IMG_1564[1216] (2)

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Handbag: Louis Vuitton

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Get the deets on this Bow Tie Power Suit by clicking the link above!


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