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5 Apr


First, you guys are so important to me, I honestly missed you a bunch!

This coat, right… “Wear hair, not fur.”-Krasimira.

Yes, honey, this is hair. I can roll it, flat iron it, wash it and treat it like my own.  This mane is as high maintenance as its owner.  Allow me to put this into perspective. I comb her when I put her on and when I take her off. Dear, she has her own wig brush at my vanity, and I mustn’t leave home without it when this lady is on my shoulders, indeed? Indeed!

Krasimira is a mastermind designer, she has definitely done her part with preventing more animal extinctions. During the production of my coat, Krasimira and I became great friends. Her professionalism is dynamic and reassuring. Her ability to execute any design is phenomenal. I love working with people who have hearts. Creatives like her help the world evolve vibrantly!

As for me and Rapunzel, she was styled, colored, and sized exclusively, for me! With that type of relationship, we had to let our hair down across Chicago, without tangling things up. I paired this jacket with a great pair of high waist ankle frayed jeans, nude Christian Louboutins, a graphic tee- that reads “Savage”, of course, then I pulled out my brand-new Kate Spade bag that I’ve had for three years- The color was everything!

 Flexing with this beauty, its never a dull moment, whether its dinner with the bestie, church with hubby, or relaxing at Aloft Hotel. Aloft night, was the night we whipped our hair to a beautiful jazz tempo while sipping a cherry coke on the rocks. She knows how to have a good time. Yes,  we definitely hang, no pun intended! Before exiting the room, I pull out her brush and fix her hair as any real friend would. To think, I actually thought I couldn’t get any more extra than I already am. Blame it on Rapunzel!  You are no #prisonerofyourbody so walk the runway fiercely and fearlessly. See you next runway!

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IMG_1111 IMG_1118

Style Tips

She prefers a light heat; her hair is a high-quality synthetic blend.

Real color doesn’t bleed, not even on a rainy day. Thank her colorist for that!

She is a stickler for VIP, a hanging bag will do it.

If ever wet, hang, comb, air dry, and wala, she’s back at it, like new!

She doesn’t tangle, but who doesn’t have messy hair sometimes.

Buy off the shelf, or contact Krasimira via email for custom, color, size or style!

If you need a little help choosing colors, I am a color theorist. Feel free to email me!


email: sales@krasimirastoyneva.com

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SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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