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6 Nov

Winter Pastels


Hey Girl, hey! So, I have such a love for cold colors in the late Fall and Winter seasons. When beige, creams, and off whites accompany an outfit with light hues of pastels, as a pop of color, it gives me chills. It puts me in the mind frame of mint refreshers. Let’s just say, if WinterFresh had an outfit, this would so be it! What you think? Well other than looking like minty breath, this look was truly a no brainer. Eloquii did me well when they dropped this high-waist fringe skirt in my view. This is nothing but a vintage piece, just made in modern times. Which makes this skirt as timeless as the first rendition of its kind. This skirts says, flappers live in full affect! A  1920’s and 1930’s distinction in fashion. Only because of the history of this design, I am adding it to the fashion heirloom of my closet.

 In retrospect, I think I wanted to look like a ball of cotton or snuggle soft campaign. In lieu of such thinking, I decided to partner this skirt with a cashmere sweater from H&M. The soft textures together, continues a fury elegance, which works best, but not limited to. This skirt will look really nice with a basic turtle neck as well. I encourage you not to shy away from an awesome basic. Just keep in mind, it will give it a slightly more casual appeal- which is great too.  As far as my shoes, I would have much rather wore my open toe, thigh high- sweater boots. Unfortunately, Chicago wasn’t willing to let me be great with 40-degree weather and showers. I opt for the old Christian Lou. A red bottom helps anything look amazing! Although I had my preference, Lou was far from a bad call.  Since my skirt has a light blush pink tone, I knew this jacket from H&M would seal the deal, with perfection! Side note: Guess what? I am in love with these Absolutely Ultra Sheer, size 3 plus hosiery from Macy’s. For you caramel skin gems like myself, the color gentle brown is seamless. There wasn’t a soul who could tell I was wearing any.

Notice, I am wearing a creamy pink thin belt, with a rose gold buckle. The high-waist skirt gave me just enough non-fringed band to accessorize with this cutie. This very thin belt, represents small simple details, that can take an outfit the extra mile. I grabbed my BCBG envelope clutch and headed for the door. I see Oprah wearing this look. Other than yourself, who can you see wearing this look and why? Leave your comments in the comment box, then subscribe! You are #noprisonerofyourbody so walk the runway fiercely and fearlessly. See you next runway!



Winter pastels has a certain appeal you must follow to pull it off.

It must be all warm garments. A sweater, jacket, or coat at minimum is necessary.

The formula is off white, beige, cream + pastel (light to very light color hues) = Winter Pastel! (golds, silvers, and iridescent are appropriate as well).

The look must be refreshing not bold, bright, or harsh. Think WinterFresh gum!


Style Links

Sweater: H&M old sweater

Skirt:Fringe Pencil Skirt

Coat: Felted Coat

Clutch: Harlow Snake Embossed Envelope Clutch (mine is similar; I have the Lizard Embossed Envelope Clutch, grab it before its gone its currently on sale for $39)

Belt: Rose Gold Buckle Waist Belt

Panty hose: Hanes Plus Size Sheer

Shoe: See prior blog post, Boldly Chic by FeNoel

So Shenell

SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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