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4 Nov

The Premme Factor

Ok, I had a blast wearing this Premme look. It was hard for me to grasp what type of look this was, until I envisioned myself in Brooklyn passing through a crowd of bell bottom wearing and afro picking creatives. Since my initial thought was 70’s, my vision confirmed it. I am digging the funk of this groovy get up! Ya see, even using slang vernacular, got me feeling even more boogie about this outfit representing the 70’s era of fashion. I’ll roll with it. So, in my mind, my home-girl Foxy Brown flew in to see her bestie-me! When we’re together, it’s time to create some Good Times– the black Thelma and Louise honey! What is fun without a little trouble? First, we hit up the movies to watch the premier of Super Fly. No pun intended, but indeed, this look is fly. There’s nothing like a good movie and a drink afterwards, in the words of Fox. She had her usual Pink Lady and I went with my usual, jive Coke and cherries, with grenadine, and extra ice lol! Now it’s time to have real fun. We ride back to the crib and freshen up to dance the night away. When my friend’s in town, it is an absolute must that I pull the sheet on my all black, pink interior, 72 Chevy Nova! Rolling down the street with my girl listening to Whose That Lady by the Isley Brothers, is life. We enter the Soul Train night club, looking at all the fellas pop lock to Kool and The Gang- Celebrate. I was perfectly dressed for this night. My high waist shimmery skirt hit my hips so smoothly, while reflecting off every disco light there was. Apparently, the back of my sweater was flirting with this fine piece of dark chocolate of a god. I peeked over my shoulder as he was approaching me, but the brim of my hate kept my eyes hidden. I thought, I see ya babey. Of course, he couldn’t resist the deep plunged knot, that exposed my soft shoulders and beautiful back. He squeezed my waist with his muscular arm, as if he were the second draw string in my paper bag skirt. Then he gently pressed into my bare back as if he wanted nobody else to notice what lured him into my voluptuousness. Clearly he wanted me all for himself. This sexy ensemble had us dancing the night away. Foxy looked over at me and said, “Girl you what’s happenin.” You are #noprisonerofyourbody so walk the runway fiercely and fearlessly.  


Style Links

Sweater: Cammie knot sweater

Skirt: Paperbag pleated skirt

Boot: Bakers Similar pair here

Hat: Anthropology Similar Fedora here


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