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24 Feb

Curvy Wakanda

Although this look does not echo through the lands as African and neither does it mapquest me to my long-lost tribe, you can not deny its glory or boldness, like the people of the safari and my long-lost tribe. This ensemble screams black (in every form of its meaning), regal, profound, powerful and rich. It was the perfect fit for my welcoming to Wakanda. So, I decided to pay homage to histories first, all-black Marvel, with a curvy slayish dinner and movie meet & greet. I wanted to hone in on and captivate a rare experience. Undeniably, Black Panther, was a long overdue production- not just for the diaspora, but for the world. February 16th Black Panther made history to the ends of the world, as far as the North is from the South and the East is from the West, making over 700 million in box office sales opening weekend. Like so, I too had to make history. I had, by far the largest meet & greet in SoShenell history! 18 of 21 wonderful women pierced the scene with beauty, class and demand. This had nothing to do with how well she was dressed or because her magical mirror told her she was the prettiest of them all. It had everything to do with how and why we all exuded authentic confidence. Each woman served her purpose of representing diversity in plus beauty- Wakandian beauties for dang sure. Thank you all!

The Look

I wanted every woman to wear black in her own style and comfort. Check out the Wakanda fashion trends, click HERE. I was Wakanda Coming to America. I wanted to be royal, rendering the appeal of an African Monarchy. My mission was to bridge the gap between Zamunda and Wakanda.  Draping my temple with luxury fabrics, I realized I was more Black Panther than I had known-visually epic.


Mysteriously, I had become the feline herself, but in the most inconspicuous way. Her slanted eyes, sharp brows, crowned cat claws, jet black silhouette, her shiny fur, coats her neck and bottoms, & she struts 40 mph. This defines her as the purring beast. Embracing my new discovery, I must admit I am a bit of a sex kitten. That being said, it’s no wonder I crouched to the idea, a sheer bishop sleeve blouse was necessary. This panther preys on a scratch of frisky. I knew my top would stroke my fury choice of pants rather gently. The whole look hissed drama. Wakanda For-Evaa!!!



My index finger is crowned with a Black Panther head and my claws are painted with OPI’s newest no chip- The Cat Eye

Style Links

Blouse: ASOS CURVE High Neck Floaty Blouse

Pant: www.fenoel.com  Sample Sale going on NOW. Fe Noel can be found on Instagram as well @fenoel

Bra: Sachi Plunge

Jewelry: H&M (Not available online)

Shoe: Picasso Platform Heel

Fur & Belt: see Paradigm Shift-Curve Look Book

So Shenell

SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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