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25 Feb

MAC Cosmetics Skincare Regimen

Hey guys! Let me guess, you want the deets from my very first YouTube video Concocting MAC Cosmetics Skincare for Dry Skin! Perfect, I’m glad you’re here! If you read carefully this should be a breeze. Now lets hydrate away dry skin!

DID YOU KNOW dry skin is the culprit for wrinkles and aging? It is a known fact that oily skin ages slower than dry skin. Free radicals are environmental pollutants (one definition) that attack the skin. Dry skin is most vulnerable to free radical attacks. Dry skin lacks oil and antioxidants as its protective barrier, allowing free radicals to stick to the skin. Oily skin creates a oil coating, hence making it easier to keep the skin balanced and repair itself.  How do you know that the skin is dry? Dry skin is usually dull, patchy, flaky, textured, burns and is tight. Some people are more severe than others. Do not be afraid to consult a Dermatologist if you have more complex skin issues. There’s nothing to be ashamed about, most of us have been where you are at one time or another.

Understand as a MAC artist majority of my career I have learned most people opt to look over skincare because they..

(1) Don’t Understand the detriment of not treating the skin.

(2) Don’t Understand the importance and long term benefits of skincare.

(3)  Don’t Understand they truly have the time to spare (the process only takes about 3-5 minutes).

My quick and easy step by step dry skin regimen will save you from any excuses. Here is a basic system to get you started.

Quality Products & Steps

Step 1: Fix Plus spray is a skincare product that hydrates the skin creating balance in skin type and raising moisture barrier, not a setting spray. Spray before- after makeup is optional.

Step 2: Essential oil stick conditions, soothes and improves radiance (combined with Fixed Plus).

Step 3: Studio Moisture cream is a very concentrated cream that has more oil content than water, it gives the skin a subtle finish and firms.

Step 3a: Essential oil drops (fragrances: sweet orange lavender and grapefruit chamomile)  have the same benefits as the essential stick, but a different consistency (4-8 drops) depending on dryness combined with (Step 3) moisturizer.


If you are semi dry use essential stick at night only & oil drops with moisturizer in the morning.

If you are very dry use all three; oil stick, drops, and moisturizer combination.

Feel free to use just the essential oil stick with moisturizer (no oil dropper), you might even like that concoction!



Additional products before moisturizing……


(Cleanse, rinse, cleanse rinse, Volcanic Ash with Clarisonic (1-2 times a week NOT daily) and last cleanse)

*Motion to massage in moisturizer: Forehead towards ears, cheeks up towards ears, jawbone up towards ears, and chin downward

-Lightful C (cleanser)- brightening, clarity and tightens the skin (Asian innovated) complete system for skincare investment.

-Volcanic Ash (exfoliator)- yes, its the remains of an eruption the granules are sugar based it is very gentle on the skin yet effective and it smells like lava. kinda cool!

-Clarisonic (technically advanced tool)- enforces dead skin to be removed from the surface of the skin, removes 6 times the dirt from the skin, refines pore size and discoloration, cleanse pores and allowing product penetration.

You are #noprisonerofyourbody so walk the runway fiercely and fearlessly. See you next runway!








































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