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13 Sep

Seed Planting

So, am I the only one who was trying to remember whether or not Joshua had a tree?

No, he didn’t but he planted many seeds. Speaking of which, that’s what I’ve been doing. All summer I’ve been shifting and restructuring to stop clocking into other people’s empires and making them great. The shift has taken some lifestyle changes and some consecrated focusing. Oh, how I’ve missed you dearly; it feels good to peek in and say- hello. Thank you to all who came through the DM checking on me. Just know I got two years to make some things shake. One of the hardest things is to plant seeds you’ve never planted before. Once you’ve planted that which you’ve never planted before, you then have to become acquainted with what you have within you to cause that harvest to manifest. Some of it is already in you and much of it you just might have to develop. If you’ve been dry, you have to produce water, if you’ve been dark you have to produce sunshine, right? Yeah, that. So there are some places I know I’m lacking in and learning, which makes this plowing position scary. Yes, I am scared as heck. I am afraid to fail, but I’ve never been a punk- just wasn’t raised like that, divinely or carnally.

For those of you who are making shifts, remember this; “In the process of metamorphoses, people are more likely to kill a caterpillar than they are, a butterfly. Due to the fact, the process isn’t as appealing some people will kill your growth, caterpillar before you have a fair chance to metamorph, butterfly.” Stay in your cocoon quietly, it’s your safe haven. So as much as I’d like to post every week, at this moment I can’t promise that, but you will see me occasionally until its time to come back in full effect.

In the spirit of seeds and harvesting, can you say tulip skirt? This is the daintiest of the dainty, so much so, I had to jump right into the era of classic 50s and 60s. Just twirl me off the Broadway musical Grease because I’m definitely keeping it cute with these suede 3.5-inch mules. This look can be pretty sporty if you simply toss the mules and add in a pair of low top Keds or Vans, top this adorable Mod Cloth tee with a denim jacket, and tip your pillbox hat off with a big bowed headband or baseball cap. You are #noprisonerof yourbody so walk the runway fiercely and fearlessly, see you next runway! xo



Top: Joshua Tree Graphic Tee

Skirt: Tulip Midi Skirt

Shoes: Similar Mules

Hat: Similar pillbox hat

So Shenell

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