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3 Jun

Naughty Nauticals

Wow, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen you guys! I honestly missed you all. I am completely hyped about coming back after a water retention hiatus. There wasn’t a pair of shoes I owned I could wear. With school and very little sleep, my body was retaining so much water. With that being said, blogging wasn’t an option, unless I became the curvy blogger with super dope outfits and no shoes???? Now that just might be ideal, hmm-something to think about.

Since I’m all rested up and looking at normal size legs and feet, I figured my come back had to be bright, fun and breezy! This dress was the perfect call! I mean this look couldn’t compliment Lake Michigan any better than any other garment. Blue stripes, off the shoulders, and above the knee…..totally naughty nautical! Sometimes it feels so good to put on something and she whispers in your ear, leave the girdle. This very loose fit dress has no shape or size discrimination. A garment that gives body freedom is a winner in my book. To top it all off, I could eat as much as I wanted. I dare to say she’s friendlier than elastic haha.  It could have been me, but it seemed when people walked along the shore they smiled a little harder at me-I blame the Boohoo dress, because nothing was as cute as this little number.

Perhaps I spoke too soon, it could have been these freaking adorable mules I hitched from Asos. Yes hitched, these wide fits were a steal as far as price. Did I mention wide fits? Let me tell you. My foot is technically a 7.5 but they are so fat and flat I typically buy a 8.5 to a 9 shoe. Shoes just don’t come as wide as I think they should in more popular and luxury brands. Hence, my love for the shoe is for an eternity. Never mind mentioning how you can wear them with almost anything. If its casual, she’s there- with a bow on top. You are #noprisonerofyourbody so walk the runway fiercely and fearlessly. See you next runway!



Short loose fitting dresses can stand on their own as signature pieces. No need to over accessorize, it could take away from the simple appeal of the dress

Be sure it’s not too windy when wearing short wide pieces, its hard work to predict the blowing time of the wind. You get my drift? if not everyone will get yours

Don’t be afraid to let your feet do the talking. Dresses like these will definitely need your shoes to set the tone. Don’t be afraid to go from sporty in the day to pumping it up at night


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Handbag (it was a gift from Francesca’s)


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