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8 Nov

Classic Irreverence

People often ask, how would I describe my style? I always respond unpredictable. Fashionably, I will replace unpredictable with the style trend, show-off. Showing off is exactly what I’m doing in this outfit. I have this philosophy; one can risk being forgotten unless you show off. One of the things I like most about this look is the color pop of mauve and the large black and white plaid panels. Anyone who appreciates a good clean color pallet would agree, if they don’t remember your name, they will describe this outfit-color first. These are simply not colors you see all the time, together. Strutting these Akira pompom pumps lures you into the classic irreverence trend, I so love.

Mixing style trends is defined as a Fashion Paradox. We are people of different personalities and there are multiple layers within each being. So needless to say, it is very typical to have more than one style within you. Often times I find myself fusing my style together, which is so liberating. A paradoxical approach allows fashion versatility, freedom, range, excitement and sometimes mysteriousness.

Now that we’ve laid the foundation of fashion paradoxes, I’m wearing Eloquii from my eye-wear to jumpsuit & my Ted Baker purse tagged along ever so eloquently. You are #noprisonerofyourbody so walk the runway fiercely and fearlessly. See you next runway!



Fashion Paradox is mixing trends.

This look is an example of mixing Show-off and Classic Irreverence.

For a sportier look, rubber band your pants like I did.


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