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28 Dec

Leather Meets Floral

YES SPRING HAS ARRIVED!!!! The season of Bright Arrays!! Blinding Neons!! Seamless Nudes! & Adored Pastels…….RIGHT?! (BLANK STARE) OF COURSE YOU FEEL THIS WAY..UGH!! Don’t get me wrong I love coming into the spring season out of hibernation, however I am always reluctant to tuck away one of the sexiest pieces of winter-MY BOOTS! Let’s be real ladies to think spring is to think soft, feminine, and sweet; rather than sexy, flirty and daring. I’m so down with the Winter Spring movement thus I introduce Leather Meets Floral. In this OOTD I was excited to see the mixtures of textures and patterns blossom. The sheer kimono, denim shorts, and leather boots were a perfect exemplification of springs cool and warm...
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22 Nov

Pleated Prints

pleated prints3
  This is all about a little bit of extra being just enough, its taking a strut into classic fun. For those who know me, you know I’m about edge and classic with a hint of unpredictable, I’d have to say this is one of those moments. I wanted to have fun by mixing the patterns of crosses and cheetah print together (would that have been considered a blood sacrifice in biblical times lol). Mixing dominate prints together is an automatic attention catcher. The key to pattern blending is to compliment, not necessarily to flow. This concept typically yields fashion acceptance hence its questionable at first sight. Be wise about pattern choices in order to induce a retrospective positive response at...
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16 Nov

Black Bandit, Levels to this Crime

IMG_2824 (1)
Breaking News!!! Suspect Eloquii is reported to have committed a shearling convertible crime. Stay tuned for your news brief. Witness: When I saw the coat I thought, “Okay this is cute”, I continued with caution to check out the details and there it was, the weapon, unzippable panels. This coat was definitely to die for. A jacket of this magnitude slaughtered the statement piece law. There’s no room for any other criminals to compete. All black was the way to go, the perfect criminal attire. Premeditated, the work had to be chic. High-waisted bell bottoms and a fitted turtle neck, real slayish. This mid thigh length coat robbed eloquence with its accomplice high waisted bell bottoms. Elongation further emphasized the hard core details...
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28 Apr

Her 40’s Thang

Ladies and gentlemen we present to you Hollywood’s Golden Age Stars- Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Lana Turner, Betty Grable, Claudette Colbert, and last but not least Shenell Crear!!!!! The 1940’s is time lined as the start of WWII. The war brought great disparity to the nation but WWII wasn’t the only event blowing things up. The 1940’s decade glam world had some explosions of its own from motion pictures to FASHION! During this era fashion designers were influenced by visions of newness and war. The 1940’s introduced style that showcased decadent jewels, shoulder pads, cinched waists, cropped tops, chic sweaters, large hats, peep-toe-heels, slim midi-length skirts, fur coats, satin dresses, wedge heels, head turbans,...
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8 May



So Shenell

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