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23 Sep

Who Runs

Fall is finally here and I’m beyond ecstatic about all of the amazing styles coming out. Yes, we are fresh into fall, but still getting summer vibes. Today in Chicago, it was 90 degrees, which is insane! The weather is definitely pms-ing. Like I tell anyone, transitional pieces will help balance some of the weather emoing. This utility jacket from ASOS is the perfect transitional piece. The color screams fall and the weight of it says, have me in any season. They should have named it 4 seasons. So, I’m sure you realized I called this cutie a jacket. Yep, that’s exactly what it is. Lets just say I was in the mood to jump into my sexy inspector Gadget- GI Jane persona, giving me every reason to button it to the neck and choke it with a gold necklace. I absolutely adore the any shape- anytime garment, because it gives me girdle freedom and relaxation. The cotton fabric is so friendly for both the body and washer, I should know because I dropped chocolate on it lol. What I truly adore, the loose fit doesn’t look sloppy or kimono-ish. The handy wide width attached belt, embraces any shape with structure and definition. I will be wearing this bad boy again, with jeans and a turtleneck. Can you say multi-wear?

Since I wasn’t in the mood for chats as I walked through these Chicago streets, I built a wall of fortitude with my Prada frames. The tortoise shell print added some texture to an overall flat look and was nothing shy of a compliment to these pony hair and snake skin boots. Speaking of which, who was I fooling to think these Louboutin exclusives weren’t gonna be a traffic starter. We have entered into the season of boots and hunny I had to be sure to make a killer entrance.

utility perfected 2

Who Runs????

About these boots… While casually strolling on the Christian Louboutin website and ran across a pair of funky, charismatic, bold, head turner of a boot, Christian deemed “Who Runs”. It was love at first sight, I was struck by its uniqueness and boss demeanor. I knew it was a must buy. (Straight dramatization) I whipped my head back and forth, asking where is my debit card? I felt the urgency to add to cart, proceed to checkout, right now! I selected my size and put in my debit card number. Got to the end of the order and……nothing. There wasn’t a confirmation number, no approved, no declined – just nothing. I mean the screen was white and I was stuck. I rushed back to the boot and right before my eyes the size 39 was gone. HUH- I’m confused, what happened? OMG, did someone else checkout before me? There it was in my cart but not available, awkward. I called the Chicago location to order it and was told it was an online exclusive and that store boutiques did not carry this boot in the suede/pony hair. This can not be happening to me! The representative checked the system and informed me that there was only one size 39 online, but I couldn’t see it. It was then I learned, the system does not update in real time. So there was a possibility the boot was still in my cart and an even bigger possibility it wasn’t. I was so hurt, the type of hurt that makes your stomach sink and you feel literal pain… that was me. All jokes aside, no lie, I cried like a newborn out of breath. Welp, it looked like I let them slide right out of my hands. I told my sister how crushed I was and asked her to keep refreshing the page to see if the size returned. She said it didn’t and there wasn’t any hope. What I didn’t know was she was working that website for hours while we traveled to California and suddenly my size was available. She snuck my debit card and ordered them for me. Guys, when I say I was so surprised and totally stoked, I can’t even explain how I felt. I guess the name “Who Runs” was so fitting, because she was chasing after those boots- interceding on my behalf, in Jesus name. Moral of the story, grab you a pair before they’re gone. Limited sizes are available. You are #noprisonerofyourbody so walk the runway fiercely and fearlessly. See you next runway!



Style Tips

Don’t be afraid to buy this jacket a size or 2 bigger. Baggy is better!

Long gone are the days Red Bottoms= So Kate or Pigalle, have some diversity!

Trust that a larger fit can sometimes make you look thinner.

a) It hides any unwanted rolls

b) If draped well it can actually be fitting. Sometimes loose is fit

c) Add fluidity, digressing the eyes of onlookers to your amazing legs


Style Links

ASOS Cotton Jacket with Tie Waist ( hurry ladies there is an abundance of sizes and its less than $100!)

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Prada Sunnies ( I linked a similar pair and they’re kinder on the coins)

Rebecca Minkoff handbag (see previous post)


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