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27 Apr

Turning his Head, Seven Ways to get Any Man You Want

I use to hate when I would run across a meme that some guy has posted with a beautiful plus size model in lingerie and the question proposed was “Men would you date a big girl?” What?! What type of question is this? Who ask these types of questions?! I could not validate this shallow thinking. Then it came to me everyone has heard of the pseudo-scientific, societal cliché that men are visual creatures. What he sees is what drives his stimuli. Without further researching the raw fact of this stigma, I ask that you pardon my ignorance, but I must admit, I am running with this cliché. I believe plus size women deal with the misconception, if you are...
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28 Apr

Her 40’s Thang

Ladies and gentlemen we present to you Hollywood’s Golden Age Stars- Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Lana Turner, Betty Grable, Claudette Colbert, and last but not least Shenell Crear!!!!! The 1940’s is time lined as the start of WWII. The war brought great disparity to the nation but WWII wasn’t the only event blowing things up. The 1940’s decade glam world had some explosions of its own from motion pictures to FASHION! During this era fashion designers were influenced by visions of newness and war. The 1940’s introduced style that showcased decadent jewels, shoulder pads, cinched waists, cropped tops, chic sweaters, large hats, peep-toe-heels, slim midi-length skirts, fur coats, satin dresses, wedge heels, head turbans,...
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