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25 Jun


If you’ve shopped at Chanel, Gucci, or Christian Louboutin, you understand what it means to be treated with the upmost detail and respect. As a person who has been afforded the luxuries of life and who can occasionally splurge on a $2,000 or more item, I have high expectations in brands I shop with. When Sumissura reached out to me I was elated to work with them. They are a size inclusive brand that aim to please you with a tailored fit. A brand that prides themselves on fit accuracy gets an A in my book. I was overwhelmed with the many fabric options and cut that it took me a week to decide on how I was going to design my short set! As it regards to customization and details, they do not disappoint.

The sizing was impeccable. I filled out a body sculpting chart that rendered my measurement predictions and they were dead on; it was almost scary. Sumissura is a specific brand for all types of women. Not only do they customize garments for silhouettes, but personalities as well.

I opt for a short set. Believe it or not, I do not own a short suit, in gingham, or in a custom design. Because its summertime, I wanted a suit that spoke to the season. The color is lightweight and the fabric is linen. You cannot get more summer and business than this! Aside from business, I desired an eventfully flexible piece. Wear it to dinner, work, church, party, etc. Its boundless. Gingham was perfect for color blocking and pairing with any color. Here, I played on blues, hence the purple and blue color blocked, crisp, button down shirt. Do you see the button holes? Yes, they are trimmed in blue. It’s the details for me! These details are perfect for my satin Giuseppe’s and Telfar bag. The suit alone, is giving me a 2021 Miami Vice-woman’s rendition! I can’t get enough of this suit. Partnering with a brand like Sumissura, keeps you coming back for the custom fit. Once you go custom, you don’t go back! I dare you try what nobody else is wearing!

This post contains sponsored content however, all opinions are my own.

So Shenell

SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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