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11 May

Abstract Perspective

Come on in, come on in! I know you’re here for all the detail goodies, but first, can we chat about it?!

As mentioned in my IG caption, I love giving you so much to see at once. Fashion is nothing shy of art. Think about it, you are mixing paints, texture, and patterns, all on a 4D canvas. It sets the mood and tone when people see you. Their compliments and stares are a testament to that. How did you feel when you saw me in this look?

Girl, let me tell you, I call this look the Abstract Perspective because the outfit renders fluid complexity. Although it flows, there are so many contrasting components that has your eyes jumping around everywhere. This look is all about shapes and coloring you with electrifying pallets! You already know metallics have been sliding back on the scene since late fall. When I saw that Eloquii sewed up a pair of pants for a plus girl, I had to jump on it! I cannot lie, I had no vision for these pants, initially. All I knew was, I did not want to look like Christmas or Valentine’s day. I had to wait patiently for the vision (mind you I bought this pants in November). Suddenly, the idea of sporty came about. I knew I wanted the metallic piece to take on a sporty flare. I marveled at the idea of an original red Adidas zip track jacket, with a pair of orange or multi-print red-bottoms. I could not find the track jacket in my size. I really wanted to commit to the sporty narrative, so I opt for a sweatshirt. I was not playing any games with my style board for this look. The sweatshirt needed to be epic and nothing less than! I brainstormed left and right-even thought about printing a sweatshirt of my own at one point (in March). Before I knew it, this very sweatshirt comes across my screen by Souk+Sepia. I would have been sick if I could not have it! Orange was my desired color, but this mustard did not disappoint.  I pulled out my River’s Island blazer and instantly, the fit was fyia!! You cannot ignore, the ensemble projects a unique variation of style sense. It plays a little with the 90’s, Flirts with chic, stretches with sporty, and perpetuates trend beautifully.

My Steve Madden pumps were made for this look. Did you see the multi-colored vibrancy and jewels? Nothing about this look was recessive. There are three distinct dominant parts: pant, sweatshirt, and blazers. Each garment makes up one BIG artistic Abstract Perspective!

Shopping Tips:

Purchase everything to your size. No need to go up or down. If you are not busty you can work with sizing one size down in the sweatshirt if you MUST!  

Sweatshirt: Moshi Sweatshirt

Direct shopping links can be found on my liketoknow.it
*All items may not appear as it may be sold out, but I provide similar pieces.

So Shenell

SoShenell, the Plus Size Chicago-based Fashion Blogger represents a multitude of fashionable, stylish, confident, sexy, unique, and healthy full figured gems.

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